'SNL': Chloe Fineman Reaches Milestone During Jason Sudeikis Episode

The October 23rd episode of Saturday Night Live marked Jason Sudeikis's first time as host, but It also featured another milestone for a current cast member. Chloe Fineman, who joined SNL as a cast member in 2019, celebrated performing in 100 sketches on Saturday. Fineman reached the milestone with the Annie sketch, which featured Sudeikis as Daddy Warbucks' sketchy "employee," Ricky.

Fineman got her start in the improv group The Groundlings before joining SNL, and has really been forged In the fire of performing live television during a pandemic. The comedian has really found her niche on the show by excelling with impressions, which is a real asset for the sketches.

Fineman told Harper's Bazaar in an interview that for finding the right impression, timeliness is key. "I think zeitgeist is the name of the game," she explained. "I think naturally the people I want to do impressions of, I'm obsessed with them. And I find them wonderful, and want to share them with the world."


However, Fineman's tenure on SNL has had a few bumps along the way. In an interview with The Washington Post, Fineman admitted that pitching sketches is a hit-or-miss process. " I have this character Ooli, and I pitched her first my first week at work. And she was way more crude,"Fineman said. "I think that's a big learning curve on SNL. Like, how do you say private parts? The writers have created an art of how to say words without saying them. So, yeah, I definitely had her a little too dirty, and then in the pandemic got to turn her into something different. I do see that a lot on the show, which I think is really cool. People will pitch stuff in the beginning of the year, and maybe it doesn't work, but then they sort of reformulate it, and it'll end up on the show in the spring. So there's a creative process I didn't realize, which was really comforting. You could pitch an impression or character and maybe it's not right for that week, but then it could turn into something else."