'SNL': Adele Couldn't Contain Herself and Broke Character During Africa Tourism Skit

If there's one thing Saturday Night Live viewers love, it's when a cast member breaks character [...]

If there's one thing Saturday Night Live viewers love, it's when a cast member breaks character due to the hilarious nature of the skit. In this past episode, host Adele did just that during a sketch about African tourism. It was just one of the many segments that the singer engaged in during the night, which saw Adele hosting and performing some of her greatest hits during a Bachelor parody.

During the skit, Adele, Kate McKinnon, and Heidi Gardner portrayed divorcées discussing African culture's best parts to entice others to come to the continent. At various points during the segment, Adele couldn't help but break character, as she burst into laughter as the ladies explained why others should come to Africa. While the women explained that others should come to Africa to experience the beaches, the mountains, and the bamboo, the underlying message was that women should come to the continent and its various countries to meet the men. Gardner said at one point that she's been enjoying the "river, the drums, the pounding," which prompted Adele to break out into laughter. The singer kept her composure enough to deliver the line, "I've found such a deep, deep connection here." But, when Gardner added, "You can feel it in your stomach," Adele, once again, broke character to bowl over with laughter.

This week's episode of SNL featured Adele's first time as the host. She has been on the program multiple times in the past as a musical guest. In her opening monologue, the singer explained that she did not want to be the musical guest for this episode for a couple of different reasons (one of which being that her hotly-anticipated album isn't finished just yet). She said, "My album is not finished, and I'm also too scared to do both. I would rather just put on some wigs – and this is all mine by the way – have a glass of wine or six and just see what happens." Despite saying that she would not do both, fans were indeed treated to performances from the singer, as she performed a medley of her hits, including "Someone Like You" and "Hello," during a Bachelor skit in the episode.