WATCH: 'Roseanne' Claus Throwback Scene Gives the Laughs for Christmas

As the revival season of Roseanne approaches, throwback clips from the original series are circulating across the Internet, and some of them are still eerily relevant.

This scene of "Rosesanne Claus" is putting a lot of fans in the holiday spirit. It's the perfect way to prepare for both Christmas, and the classic sitcom's imminent comeback. Roseanne Barr's trademark wry humor doesn't exactly align with the Saint Nick most kids tend to think of, but for the generation that grew up watching the show, she was just what they needed.

It turns out kids haven't changed all that much, and Roseanne Conner might be exactly the holiday figure they need to cool off their present unwrapping fever this year.


The show will return to ABC on Tuesdsay, March 27 in the 8 P.M. ET slot. Nearly all of the original cast is returning, and performers like John Galecki are even putting their other jobs on pause to come back to their roots. Sarah Chalke, who filled in as Becky when Alicia Goranson went off to school, will even come back in an entirely new role.