'Rick and Morty' Producer Speaks out on Speculation Over Movie as Fans Await Season 5

Rick and Morty producer Scott Marder spoke out about the speculation on a movie made for the [...]

Rick and Morty producer Scott Marder spoke out about the speculation on a movie made for the franchise this week. Marder was interviewed by Metro along with co-creator Dan Harmon and star Spencer Grammer, who plays Summer. With Rick and Morty Season 5 just three weeks away now, Marder seemed confident that the multiverse would be going to new places soon.

"It'd be daunting, I wouldn't be shocked if there was one [movie] that comes down the pipe one day," Marder said when asked about the idea. Right now, there seems to be no concrete plan for a movie, and Marder admitted that the writers, actors and animators have enough on their plates to worry about. He said: "I feel like every episode is a movie. I'd like to see what a movie would be, I feel like we pack so much in. It'd have to be pretty epic."

Rick and Morty is a meta, dialogue-heavy tale about mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith traveling around the galaxy and beyond yet always grappling with the family issues at the heart of their lives. The show has ballooned into a global sensation since it premiered in 2012, and Season 5 premieres on Sunday, June 20 on Adult Swim.

Marder is not the only one who can imagine the story opening a portal onto the big screen. Co-creator Justin Roiland previously said that it's a matter of "when," not "if" the movie gets made. Grammer speculated that a straightforward movie would not enough to contain the Smith family's antics.

"It'd have to be something so big — like a 3D interactive movie that also has a theme park. I don't know if you could just do a straight movie," she said. "There are those 4D movie theaters in New York City." Marder added: "I think it will happen. I do think it will happen."

For now, fans will be content with Rick and Morty Season 5, which is premiering just over a year after Season 4 concluded. This breaks the series cycle of long delays between seasons, now that Adult Swim has ordered 70 episodes of the series all at once. This freed up the creative teams to work continuously on the series rather than renegotiating contracts every year.

The waits may only get shorter from here. Harmon and the writers have confirmed on social media that they are currently working on Season 7, even before Seasons 5 or 6 have aired. It is not clear where the actors and animators are in the process, but either way the machinery is clearly in motion.

Rick and Morty Season 5 premieres on Sunday, June 20 at 11:30 p.m. ET on Adult Swim. You can stream the first four seasons now on HBO Max, or on Hulu with a free trial available here.

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