Olivia Munn's Infamous Wonder Woman Sketch Resurfaces Ahead of 'Attack of the Show!' Revival

Attack of the Show is returning, and many fans are just hoping it can recapture the comedy of Olivia Munn's Wonder Woman sketch. The beloved clip show of the early-2000s was Munn's first foray into stardom, and it remains a fan-favorite. When it reappeared on YouTube this week, many suddenly saw why a reboot was worth pursuing.

Munn highlighted the less glamorous sides of super hero work when she played Wonder Woman on Attack of the Show. The sketch was full of irreverent, throw-away jokes about the Amazonian heroine that are all the funnier now that she is a box office sensation. The best part may be the lower production value, proving that Munn and the other minds behind Attack of the Show could do a lot with a little, even before the era of self-made sketch stars on YouTube.

Attack of the Show was a live broadcast that aired on GF from 2005 to 2013. It was Munn's first TV role, and it helped make her a star. The show was geared towards nerd culture with an emphasis on technology, pop culture and media. In addition to parody skits like this one, it functioned as a talk show and a platform for previews.

Munn was one of 14 hosts on the original series, and so far she has not been confirmed for the reboot, but she is in talks with producers according to a report by IGN. For many fans, it would not feel right to bring the series back without Munn and other stars.

The series is just one small part of a revival of the G4 network in general. The network will return this summer, with the premiere of Attack of the Show helping to kick it off. By then, Munn's fate will likely be decided. Sources told IGN that she "is in final talks to sign a multiyear deal" with G4, which "will include a development deal and has both on- and off-air components."


Munn went on to become a household name in the years after her Attack of the Show stardom. Before the show was over, she was in blockbuster movies like Iron Man 2, Magic Mike and Freeloaders. Meanwhile on TV, she went on to hold a starring role in Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, among other roles. Still, she never left her experience as host and commentator behind completely, continuing to appear on shows like Lip Sync Battle, America's Got Talent and RuPaul's Drag Race.

Fans have their fingers crossed that when G4 returns, Munn will return with it. Attack of the Show is expected to premiere some time in the summer of 2021.