Netflix Announces 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6 Premiere Date

Netflix has announced the Orange Is the New Black season six premiere date along with a brand new teaser.

Fans will be able to stream the next season of Orange Is the New Black beginning Friday, July 27.

In the teaser, fans are shown a glimpse of Litchfield prison, specifically the cafeteria area, following the events that that took place in season five.

Possible Orange Is the New Black Season Six Spoilers Below

A Department of Corrections bus can be seen out the window pulling away from the building, and a voice can be heard saying, "This is a whole new world."

After the premiere date flashes on screen, a graphic appears reading, "To the max," which may indicate that many of the inmates are going to be sent to Maximum Security Penitentiaries.

This is not that far-fetched of an idea, considering the intense events of season five that lead to murder and rioting.

Series co-star Taryn Manning spoke with Digital Spy in 2017 and opened up about how "rough" and "disorganized" she felt season five was. Manning — who plays Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett on Orange Is the New Black — was responding to comments made by series creator Jenji Kohan who called season five of the show "weak."

"I know working on that season was rough because it was supposed to take place in three days, and it felt unorganized, and the storyline felt a little disorganized," Manning said. "So it had that feeling of art imitating life."

She did go on to point out however, that fans seemed to fully support the season, regardless of its perceived flaws.

"That wasn't the way the public invested in it, they really enjoyed it," Manning said. "I actually think it was one of our strongest seasons. It's interesting, I'm not a TV writer, [but] maybe from [Jenji's] perspective there were parts she thought would fail because the writers got switched up... But I think it's one of our best."


Manning also commented on the fact that Orange Is the New Black was renewed for seasons six and seven, and addressed the idea that the setting could change slightly.

"It's not the traditional roll out of a TV show – like Stranger Things will end on season 4 or 5 – but if people are still watching and they can see it going in a different direction, it could go on forever," Manning explained. "There could be another jail facility, there could be a whole new world of prisoners... At some point I am going to bow out!"