'NCIS' Fans Are Still Torn up Over Pauley Perrette's Departure Announcement

As NCIS aired on Tuesday night, fans could not get over the fact that actress Pauley Perrette would soon be departing the hit series.

Perrette isn't gone yet, but this will be her final season. Despite this detail, all it took was the actress popping up on screen for fans to get upset.

Furthermore, Perrette reminded fans that the show had started just started on the East Coast, and they started flooding her mentions.

"I'm watching it right now," fan Kerry Dougherty wrote. "But when I see you come on screen I'm saddened by the fact that you are leaving after this year."

Another wrote, "Is there anything your fans can do/say that will make you change your mind about this being your last season on [NCIS]?"

See some of the replies below.

NCIS airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.


Photo Credit: CBS / Sonja Flemming