'Modern Family' Star Julie Bowen Reveals She's 'Retired' From Dating

Modern Family star Julie Bowen is not rushing into dating. In fact, she's not doing it at all. The funny actress is opening up about her love life. During a recent interview on an appearance on Ellen, Bowen, 51, revealed that she is "very single." The blonde beauty was married to investor Scott Phillips for 14 years from 2004 to 2018 and has three children from the marriage. But since they split, she has no interest in jumping back out there.

Bowen said that she's "retired from dating." According to Bowen, she says her adorable dog was her "retirement gift." "I was like, I'm done," she said about her dating future. Instead, her dog, Gertrude Stein, is her focus. 

Her children have also been keeping her busy. "They're into slap fighting, Russian slap fighting. It is something that they discovered during quarantine and they just whack the crap out of each other,' Bowen said. She even took them to Austria to go skiing, adding "the one thing we can do together," adding saying that it's "a great activity to do with boys."

She recently went to a Harry Styles concert in November. Bowen jokes that she has a bit of a crush on the singer. Bowen and Phillips confirmed their separation in February 2018 after 13 years of marriage. She even joked that she was sad that Modern Family was ending after 11 seasons and she was nervous about not working due to her having to fun her divorce case.

"Do you know what divorce in the state of California is?"she told Us Weekly and other reporters at the time. "I love working and I joke about that and I'm actually very good friends with my ex-husband and he knows very well. Like, I would work, no matter what, I would work."


More than anything, Bowen and Phillips were focused on their children amid the splits. "My kids are good and that's all that matters, you know?" she said at the time.