'Modern Family' Star Shocks Fans, Co-Stars With Adult Transformation on Social Media

Modern Family star Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is all grown up. Anderson-Emmons, who starred as Lily Tucker-Pritchett on the ABC sitcom beginning in the show's third season in 2011, is amazing fans with her transformation. She was four-years-old when she began on the show. Anderson-Emmons is now 14-years-old and fans cannot believe that she's grown up right before everyone's eyes. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who starred as her TV dad Mitchell Pritchett, shared a photo of him and Anderson-Emmons to his Twitter account on Dec. 2. "Surprise reunion with my TV daughter last night!" he captioned the photo, also sharing to Instagram. "Father-daughter date night, theygrowupsofast," he wrote alongside a welp emoji.

Ferguson's 3.2 million followers were shocked by how much Anderson-Emmons has grown, including their co-star Sarah Hyland, who starred on the show as Haley Marshall. "I CAN NOT. @aubreyandersonemmons IS A FULL ON GROWN UP AND I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!"

Others commented on the post. "Hardly recognized her miss the show wish it was on for another 11 years," one user commented on Instagram. "It's a shock, but definitely a true thing," another wrote.

Anderson-Emmons has been open about starring on the show. Despite her fame, the child star says she had a typical childhood outside of the show. "I am a normal kid," Anderson-Emmons said, per Showbiz Cheat Sheet. "I have other hobbies besides acting but it's an honor to be on a TV show like this. Most children don't get this experience. I ballroom dance, Cha-Cha, samba," she added. "I horseback ride. I want to try to be on Dancing with the Stars since I do dancing."


The actress was smart with her money also, noting she doesn't spend her earnings from the show. "I don't spend my money," she said. "I save it. You're technically not allowed to touch it until you're 18." She also told the outlet that she was able to relate on her character on the show, telling Showbiz: "Well, my mom was adopted," she said. "I don't honestly know much about adoption myself to be honest. My mom was adopted from Korea and brought to Minnesota. My dad is from Illinois and I've been raised in California."