'Mayans M.C.' Showcases EZ's Childhood Sweetheart in New Promo

Mayans M.C. star Sarah Bolger is at the center of one of the latest teasers FX dropped for the Sons of Anarchy spin-off.

The teaser begins with Bolger, who plays Emily Thomas. She looks up, and the camera pulls back as she morphs into a stained-glass window image.

Emily is the childhood sweetheart of J.D. Pardo's Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes. While EZ has become involved in a life of crime, Emily has moved up in a different circle of society.

"Family above all else," the Mayans M.C. team wrote in the caption.

Bolger's Emily was previously the focus of another teaser. "Some secrets are best kept hidden," the tweet read.

Not too much is known about Emily's role in the series. In an interview with PopCulture.com last year, Bolger said she could not give much, but assured SOA fans they are "going to be so happy. It's just so good."

Bolger also showered Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter with praise and revealed herself to be a big fan of the series.

"I can just tell you Kurt Sutter is a genius and I was so nervous meeting him for the first time," Bolger told PopCulture.com. "Absolutely couldn't find my breath walking into the room and just had to get it together. 'Cause Sons of Anarchy is so smartly written and it's so aggressive and so brilliant. And all of those characters, I think Jax is just a brilliant lead, and all the characters are so watchable. I feel like he's just gonna take all that genius and bring it over to Mayans in the best new way. Cause it feels new and it feels different to Sons of Anarchy. But also just very loyal to the show and I think fans will really enjoy it."

The Dublin-born Bolger, 27, started as a child star, beginning with a role in 1999's A Love Divided and she picked up her breakthrough role in 2002's In America.

She went on to star in The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Tudors. She played Princess Aurora in ABC's Once Upon A Time and Violet in Agent Carter. She starred in AMC's Into The Badands and plays Anna in Starz's Counterpart with J.K. Simmons.

Bolger just completed two indie movies, End of Sentence and A Good Woman Is Hard To Find.

Her versatility was likely what caught Sutter's eye when casting her. In an interview with The Mary Sue, Bolger said she was lucky to avoid becoming typecast.

"It's interesting, because I find people know me from very specific pockets in my career," Bolger said. "So I'll go in for a role and find out that they are big fans of In America or The Tudors. There are even some younger filmmakers who know me for The Spiderwick Chronicles. But I've yet to meet someone who's only seen me in one thing, which is a big help."


Mayans M.C. debuts on FX on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

Photo credit: FX / Prashant Gupta