'Mayans M.C.' Drops Another 'Sons of Anarchy' Reference

Mayans M.C. dropped another Sons of Anarchy as Lincoln Potter interviewed Miguel Galindo and [...]

Mayans M.C. dropped another Sons of Anarchy as Lincoln Potter interviewed Miguel Galindo and Emily.

During Tuesday's all new episode, Miguel (Danny Pino) and Emily (Sarah Bolger) found themselves at the mercy of the terrifying U.S. Attorney villain from Sons as he interrogated them.

As Miguel waits for Lincoln (Ray McKinnon) to make his next move in the interrogation, the man toys with him by moving around the small interrogation room and trying to make small talk.

"I requested my lawyer," Miguel says.

Potter begins to question him about getting detained at the border, but Galindo won't cooperate until his lawyer is present. Potter then just begins to ramble about Galindo's background.

"An Ivy League cartel boss. If that's not a sign of brave new world, I don't know what is," Lincoln says.

He then tells Miguel he's not going to contact his lawyer due to Homeland Security laws and says he will hold him and Emily (arrested for not reporting their sons' kidnapping) as long as they want.

Later, Potter questions Emily tells her he wants to be partners with Miguel. He the returns to the cartel boss and revisits his old RICO case against the Sons of Anarchy.

"Seven years ago I was moments away from shutting down one of the largest arms dealers on the West Coast," he said. "Culmination of a three-year RICO investigation. The Real IRA and their leather-clad salesmen, the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. But before that could happen, fate intervened. I was informed by powers greater than myself that the Irish guns must keep flowing. They were needed to ensure that the Galindo cartel didn't lose their grip on los señora heroin trade."

Miguel remembers the RICO case, and how the Galindo cartel's partnership with the CIA led to the case being shut down – at a serious prize to his father.

"My father's deal with the CIA... and you want that 'synergy' with me," he says.

"When that RICO case shattered, I nearly traded in my wings," Potter continued. "But I needed to understand what happened and why. I requested a training sabbatical with the foreign affairs division in Mexico City. I immersed myself in the culture. I learned the language. Got to know key players in Mexico's ever-shifting power structure. My somewhat obsessive nature secured me the racist moniker (in Spanish) 'The White Aztec.'"

He added, "It's ironic, no, it's just sad how a little bit of knowledge can become so powerful once surrounded by ignorance."

"I don't give a s—. Just tell me what you want," Miguel says.

Potter lays out why he doesn't like the "terrorist" rebels, led by Adelita (Carla Baratta).

"The CIA crushed my father. Threatened everything. His business, his friendships, you put him in an early grave," Miguel says, knowing what awaits him if teams up with the government.

"Ah, but you can change all that. Turn blood into imported wine," Lincoln adds.

Lincoln's story refers to the Sons of Anarchy storyline that first introduced the character to the motorcycle drama's universe. When he was close to completing a case that would bring down the IRA, the Sons and the cartel, the CIA took over the investigation and told him to stand down.

After the defeat, Lincoln was not seen again on Sons of Anarchy, which many fans saw as an incomplete arc for one of the club's most compelling enemies.

We'll have to wait and see how Lincoln's plans evolve as Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

Photo Credit: FX / Prashant Gupta