Matt Lauer Once Told Sandra Bullock His Screensaver Is a NSFW Photo of Her

Sandra Bullock appeared on the Today show back in 2009 for an interview with now-fired anchor Matt Lauer, and looking back, things got inappropriate fast on Lauer's end.

The interview was promoting Bullock's film The Proposal, in which the actress appeared mostly nude in a scene where she got out of the shower.

Lauer wasted no time discussing the scene with Bullock.

"The major thing that's changed since I've seen you last: I have seen you naked," he said less than a minute into the interview.

The actress responded, "And I'm so sorry about that. Were you able to sleep afterwards?"

"It's now my screensaver," Lauer replied.

The anchor didn't stop there, telling Bullock, "You're naked for most of this movie."

"No, I'm not," the Oscar winner responded. "I'm not naked for most of this movie, [maybe] emotionally naked."

The pair continued to discuss the scene as Lauer asked Bullock what she had used to cover herself, with the star replying that she used a loofah.

As the interview was wrapping up, Lauer brought up the nudity once more, asking, "Did I mention you have a nude scene in this movie?"

"Pretty much from the time you opened your mouth," Bullock quipped in response.

"Sandra Bullock, come back more often," Lauer told her.

"No, not after this interview, no," the actress replied as Lauer and the crew laughed.


The video and Lauer's uncomfortable line of questioning resurfaced after the anchor was fired from NBC on Wednesday after the network received a complaint accusing Lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior.

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