'Manhunt: Deadly Games' Not on Tonight, CBS Airing Patriots vs. Chiefs Instead

CBS had to adjust its Monday schedule due to the NFL pushing back the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs game following the Patriots’ star quarterback, Cam Newton, testing positive for COVID-19. With CBS now airing the nationally televised game at 7 p.m., the night’s scheduled programming, including Manhunt: Deadly Games, had to be pushed back. In regards to Manhunt, the show will now be aired on Oct. 12 at its normal time.

The scripted true-crime anthology details the deadly terrorist attack that occurred at the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta. It tells the story of Richard Jewell, a security guard who discovered a massive bomb at the event to save hundreds of lives. False identification and claims eventually led to the media labeling Jewell as the bomber as he attempts to clear his name. While that is going on, the real suspect, Eric Rudolph, carried out more attacks. The anthology chronicles the ups-and-downs that were aplenty in this case and ultimately, how Rudolph was brought to justice.

Kelly Jenrette, who plays FBI agent Stacy Knox, shared in an interview with CBS Denver that she was thrilled to learn of the opportunity to take part in this series. She also hails from Atlanta and had ties to the Olympics that year as her brother was involved with the opening and closing ceremonies. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit the past and to remind ourselves of the mistakes that were made in the past with the Richard Jewell case,” she told the outlet.

In addition to Manhunt: Deadly Games being moved to the following week, so is the series premiere of One Day At a Time. Big Brother: All-Stars will also be impacted, but it will air on Monday evening immediately after the conclusion of the Patriots-Chiefs game. Fans of the hit CBS reality show are eager to see what happens following the first-ever triple eviction last week. The upcoming episode will see a new Head of Household crowned and two more nominations made as just six houseguests remain. This switch also comes as CBS adjusted the show’s schedule, moving from Sunday nights to Monday nights.