Is 'Big Brother' on Tonight? Scheduling Update Amid NFL Switchup

The coronavirus continues to play a role in day to day life, with many schedules being flipped due [...]

The coronavirus continues to play a role in day to day life, with many schedules being flipped due to its unpredictable nature. Fans are used to seeing Big Brother three times a week on CBS but the decision came Sunday to push the newest episode to Monday night, along with two NFL games airing the same evening. Big Brother was pushed for this week only due to CBS Sunday Movie Nights.

The reality show's Twitter account made an announcement of the schedule change, along with details of Monday's games. Of course, show fans are eager to catch up on a new week following a triple elimination last week. As for scheduling the rest of the week, the popular CBS show will still air on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

As for Monday night football, the Patriots vs. Chiefs game was postponed from Sunday to Monday after Patriots quarterback Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday. "I NEVER WILL QUESTION GODs reasoning; just will always respond with, 'YES LORD'!!" he wrote on Instagram on Sunday. "I appreciate all the love, support, and WELL WISHES!! I will take this time to get healthy and self reflect on the other AMAZING THINGS THAT I SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR!! #shineTHRUtheSHADE #notFORlikesJUSTforLIFE." This led the team to further more testing to make sure the virus had not spread to other teammates or coaching staff.

This means, the Patriots will have to move forward without Newton, which is a huge loss for the team since he's off to a very strong start. Currently, the Chiefs are arguably the strongest team in the NFL, picking right up where they left off from their Super Bowl win back in February, with Patrick Mahomes as their quarterback. Not only is Mahomes leading his team to victory, there are some very exciting things happening for him in his personal life after he got engaged to longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews, then announcing that they were expecting their first child together.

Another team that's had several COVID-19 cases are the Tennessee Titans. As a result, the NFL will be conducting an investigation into coronavirus violations. According to ESPN, the NFL and NFL Players Association are investigating whether the Titans violated the league's COVID-19 protocols after 18 team members were diagnosed with it. As a result, their week 4 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was postponed. It's likely that the Titans could be punished if they were to find they did not follow the rules.