‘MacGyver’ Fans Create Petition to Save Series After Season 5 Cancellation

Fans aren't letting their favorite series go down without a fight. After it was announced this [...]

Fans aren't letting their favorite series go down without a fight. After it was announced this week that CBS' MacGyver reboot has been canceled and will end after Season 5, fans of the action drama are calling on the network to reverse its decision and renew MacGyver for Season 6.

A Change.org petition now with more than 2,000 signatures that was created by fans just after the Wednesday announcement urges the network to "Save MacGyver." The petition notes that the series "is set to end after season 5 finale" on Friday, April 30, but "us fans can't accept that." The petition's creator, as well as those who have signed it, "ask CBS and everyone else who is responsible for cancelling the show to renew it and bring it back for season 6." Should CBS not reverse course, fans "ask the rest of the networks to hear us out and pick up the show if CBS doesn't change their decision. Renew MacGyver!!!"

A separate petition has called on streaming company Netflix to pick up the series, much in the same way it did following the cancellations of Arrested Development, Designated Survivor, and Lucifer following their cancellations at their respective networks. That petition argues that "MacGyver is a beloved show that still has a lot of story to tell" and the series "both on and off screen inspires us all to be better in every aspect of our lives, and to aspire for better without limitations." The petition has reached just under 100 signatures as of this posting.

The call to save the series hasn't just been taking place across petitions, though. Almost as soon as the cancellation announcement was made Wednesday afternoon, fans flocked to social media with the "[Save MacGyver]" hashtag. Under that hashtag, fans have argued that the series deserves "another season," the characters "deserve a happy, not rushed, ending," viewers "deserve to see it in a not rushed, plenty more seasons, kind of way," and the cast "deserves MORE." They have also used the hashtag to encourage their fellow viewers to sign the petition, with one person writing, "more than ever it's important to sign this and help us save our show, MacGyver is one of my comfort shows and I can't let them cancel it!"

In announcing the cancellation, Kelly Kahl, President, CBS Entertainment, said, "all of us at CBS are extremely grateful for the incredible work and dedication" from those working in front of and behind the camera on the series, adding, "we're gratified we get to give this dedicated and loyal fan base the opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters in the thoughtful manner this series deserves." An exact reasoning for the cancellation has not been given, though it is believed ratings may have played a role. MacGyver will air its series finale on Friday, April 30 on CBS.