Lesley-Ann Brandt Says Goodbye to 'Lucifer'

Lesley-Ann Brandt is saying goodbye to Lucifer in a heartfelt new post on Instagram, after [...]

Lesley-Ann Brandt is saying goodbye to Lucifer in a heartfelt new post on Instagram, after reaching the last day of filming on the hit series. Lucifer is currently in its fifth season, on Netflix, the second half of which will drop later this year. The final day of filming that Brandt is referring to is for Season 6, which will air at a later date. "Here we are, at the end of our journey you and I. We have laughed and cried, loved and lost and now we say goodbye, you and I," she wrote, speaking to her character, Mazikeen.

She continued, "Ever faithful to your story, ever faithful to your journey, your body, your heart. [Nevermore] to speak as you speak but never without your words. Grateful am I for seasons. Grateful I am for lessons. Grateful I am for challenges. Grateful I am. Blessed are the memories we share, you and I. Your skin was my skin. Your heart IS my heart. Forever but no more, I loved you like no other. On this, our last day, I sit in immense gratitude that I told your story. Your story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, reflection, mostly importantly of LOVE. Never as close to another, but ready to love another, Mazikeen of the Lilim, we are one, you and I. For what was, what is and what is meant to be, THANK YOU....for all of it.

Brandt then addressed "the Lucifer family" which "has grown over the years & extends further than the WB lot." She wrote, "It includes our Vancouver crew from [Seasons] 1 & 2. Reflecting on the many faces, be it LA or Vancouver, what remains is we have been surrounded & supported by some of the most hardworking & talented individuals in our business, who've been on this crazy roller coaster of cancellations, a formidable fan base and renewals."

She then noted the show's move to streaming after being canceled by Fox. "It then grew to include our Netflix family which fit like a glove when we moved over, finally to settle on a platform that expanded our world to include some 190 countries. It starts on the page & ends with what you see on screen, but it takes an entire family to make it so."

"I can't hug and thank you all individually but I'll say this," she continued. "Thank you for helping [me] become her. For working [alongside] me, for showing up. I've made [lifelong] friendships. I've learned some incredible lessons. I've grown & I'm a better artist & actress for knowing you." Finally, Brandt concluded her post by writing, "To the fans, none of it was possible without you. You embraced us and a demon with heart. I love you. Simply and deeply with my all, thank you."