'Live PD' Most-Viewed Show of 2018 on OTT, VOD and DVR

Live PD, A&E's police documentary series, was the most-viewed show of 2018 on OTT, VOD and DVR.

According to Deadline, a company called Inscape surveyed the TV data of about nine-million households, including a variety of criteria regarding geography and demographics.

They found that Live PD, which is only in its third season, beat The Walking Dead — who took the top spot in 2017 — as the number one most viewed show by way of post-live streaming.

Live PD follows real-life police officers from all over the nation as they execute their nightly patrols.

Their experiences are shown through live-streaming video footage that is analyzed by series host Dan Abrams and contributors Tom Morris Jr. and Sgt. Sean "Sticks" Larkin.

The series features a number of different police departments, with one officer — Cpl James Craigmyle — coming from the Greene County (Missouri) Sheriff's Office.

Craigmyle is a part of the K-9 force, and is partnered with K-9 officer Lor. Earlier this year, Craigmyle spoke with A&E Real Crime and shared his story of joining the K-9 Unit.

"When I started out in patrol, we didn't have a K-9 unit in Greene County," he explained. "I had seen the working dogs over in Iraq and Afghanistan and I thought, That's what I want to do."

"In 2009, our first dog came, but I didn't get selected [for the K-9 unit]. Another guy had years of experience on me. I trained with him. I listened and I watched him. I figured out how things worked and I showed my dedication," Craigmyle added. "Then a second dog came along, and I didn't get it! In 2011, we got our third dog, which was Lor. He was 14 months old. I had to interview with the Sheriff and the Majors and the command staff here [and finally got on the unit]."

He also spoke highly of his partner, saying that "Lor is not like some of the other dogs [on the K-9 unit]. He doesn't get anxious whenever we go to calls. He's not barking and screaming and howling when I'm running lights and sirens. He is just totally relaxed and easygoing."


Live PD aired its last episode on Dec. 15, and will likely return to A&E sometime in early 2019.