Lisa Whelchel Says Her 'Facts of Life' Co-Stars Are 'All Interested' in Potential Reboot (Exclusive)

Lisa Whelchel is all in when it comes to getting the Eastland School gals back together for a [...]

Lisa Whelchel is all in when it comes to getting the Eastland School gals back together for a potential Facts of Life reboot — and she says her former co-stars are game too! The actress and Collector's Call host, who played Blair Warner on the '80s sitcom, told that while there have been no official moves to revive the hit show as of now, interest from the cast is there.

"I think we're all interested in it," Whelchel said of Nancy McKeon (Jo Polniaczek), Mindy Cohn (Natalie Green), and Kim Fields (Tootie Ramsey) when asked about a potential reboot. "We're all at the age now where we realize how wonderful it is to work with people you love and enjoy doing what you do." That being said, the love the Eastland alum have for one another hasn't moved to action just yet, with Whelchel telling PopCulture, "No talk has translated to action, so who knows if it will happen."

This hypothetical reboot wouldn't be the first time the Facts of Life crew has reunited, with the team getting back together in 2001 for a TV movie in which the girls returned to Peekskill, New York, to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. Garrett, played by the late Charlotte Rae. Whelchel, Fields, Cohn and McKeon also reunited for the Lifetime original movie You Light Up My Christmas in 2019.

As talk of a potential reboot continues, Whelchel has plenty on her plate — working as a life coach, author, actor and host of MeTV's Collector's Call, which dives into some of the most impressive collections from passionate fans around the country. "If I could go back in time, I would have collected more things from my own career," she told PopCulture, saying that from the Facts of Life set, she wishes she would have taken the Edna's Edibles "Open/Closed" sign.

Collector's Call "combines all the different incarnations of my life," she continued. "As a writer, I love a good story, and as an actor, I love to bring that to screen. I'm a life coach now, and while people mistakenly call these collectors' hoarders,' they're really people who have found their purpose and their passion."

Whelchel might not be able to film new episodes of Collector's Call amid the coronavirus pandemic, but is still giving pop culture enthusiasts something to look forward to with a virtually-hosted Collector's Call at Home episode. Premiering on Sunday, the special episode will feature veteran Hollywood character actor Daniel Roebuck, who has showcased his talents on everything from The Late Shift as Jay Leno to Andy Griffith's sidekick Cliff in Matlock. Off-screen, Roebuck has amassed an impressive collector of horror and science fiction movie memorabilia.

Future episodes of the at-home edition will explore collections centered around The Muppets, Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe. Collector's Call airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. ET on MeTV. Starting Sunday, July 12, Collector's Call will move to 10 p.m. ET. For more on the MeTV show from PopCulture, click here.