Scott Hamilton Dives Into His 'Iconic' Olympic Memories in 'Collector's Call' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Scott Hamilton is giving us a peek into his Olympic past as the four-time world champion figure skater shows off his world-class memorabilia collection on Sunday's brand new episode of Collector's Call on MeTV. The 1984 gold medal winner's passion for collection ironically doesn't have anything to do with skating, as the athlete primarily collects vintage pinball machines and autographed guitars, but in a sneak peek, he and wife Tracie show off his "iconic" Olympic skating suit and warm-ups.

"This was what I wore for the long program at the Olympics," he says, holding up the garment. "And, well, you feel how light that is."

"So, when you're wearing that and then you feel the stretch of it, honestly it's like skating naked. It really is, there's no weight to it," he recalls, joking, "Good thing I was in shape!"

Going back into his memories of those Olympic games, Hamilton says, "I remember how I felt on the podium, wearing that outfit. It's almost surreal because it was like 12 versions of me ago, but the best parts are still in there."

With Hamilton showing off the matching warm-up suit given to all the athletes who qualified for the U.S. Winter Olympic team, Lisa Whelchel jokes, "The velour track suit. Now that is classic. Of course, it has to have the matching Walkman."

Despite the value of his suit being estimated at about $150,000 on the collector's market, Hamilton's wife Tracie confesses that the Olympian rarely ever shows off those memories of the past.

"He's just like, 'Oh yeah, here it is!' and I'm like, 'That is so cool! I didn't even know you still had that!'" she jokes.

For more of Hamilton's skating ephemera, as well as all of the other pieces of history he's managed to collect over the years, don't miss Sunday's episode of Collector's Call.


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Photo credit: MeTV