'Law & Order: Organized Crime' Fans Believe Dead Character Tied to Stabler Is Still Alive

While much of the attention around Law & Order: Organized Crime has centered on Det. Elliot [...]

While much of the attention around Law & Order: Organized Crime has centered on Det. Elliot Stabler's return to the franchise, the series has introduced a few fascinating original characters, including Gina Cappelletti. The character, played by Chicago Fire veteran Charlotte Sullivan, worked as a double agent on the show, helping the Organized Crime Control Bureau's investigation into Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) from the inside. In Thursday's episode, titled "I Got This Rat," the audience learned more about Gina, but so did Wheatley. In the end, it looked like she was dead, but a handful of fans think there could be more from Gina.

While the main plot between Stabler and his ongoing search for answers in Kathy Stabler's death played out, Wheatley's daughter, Dana (Christina Marie Karis) and Wheatly suspected that Gina was working for the good guys. They found surveillance footage of her planting a bug in Wheatley's wine cellar, as shown in a previous episode. They broke the news to Wheatley's son Richie (Nick Creegan), who was dating Gina, and he could not believe this at first. After seeing the surveillance footage though, he knew it to be true. Wheatley challenged Richie to show he can be strong himself by ordering him to kill Gina.

law and order organized crime gina cappeletti
Charlotte Sullivan as Gina Cappelletti (Photo: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

In a tense nighttime face-off, Richie pulled a gun on Gina, who pleaded with him. She tried to make him see that he wasn't really like his father and he could help her take him down. However, Bekhar (Ibrahim Renno) then showed up and urged Richie to finish the job, or else he would himself. Richie ended up shooting Gina twice, once in the stomach and another time in the chest. Bekhar said he would dispose of the body himself.

Gina looked very much dead, after taking two shots at important parts of her body. But Bekhar is also a confidential informant for Stabler (Christopher Meloni). He might have jumped at the chance to dispose of Gina's body so he could really get her medical attention to save her life. Of course, this theory assumes that Bekhar knows Gina was working for the police the whole time.

"I think Gina is still alive. I just have that feeling. But I also didn't think Richie would shoot Gina so I could be wrong," one person tweeted. "Gina is probably dead but [crossing fingers] that she is alive," another wrote. "Idk why I feel like Gina is still alive," another chimed in.

There are only two more episodes of Organized Crime Season 1 left, "Everybody Takes a Beating" on May 27 and "Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown" on June 3. During those episodes, we will learn for certain if Gina is really dead or if Law & Order is getting into the "reviving dead characters" business. The show airs at 10 p.m. ET on NBC Thursdays, following Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.