'Last Man Standing' Shows Support for Pride Month

Lots of people, businesses and shows are celebrating pride month, including Last Man Standing. The show, who's know for their conservative views, shared a tweet that featured a video showing their support for the month. "#LastManStanding is all in on #TVForAll and #PrideMonth," the tweet captioned.

After demand from its fans, LMS was renewed for a 9th Season. Fox officially renewed the popular show, however, it's unclear on when they'll start production due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it may be unclear on an actual air date, the network did announce that they fully intend to have the show on air sometime in 2021. Since the Season 8 finale was never shot due to production being shut down, star Tim Allen and showrunner Kevin Abbott have ideas on where they plan to take Season 9, including a potential coronavirus storyline.

The show has to address the "new normal" in American society when the show returns, Allen told TV Guide. One possible storyline involving the coronavirus could show its impact on Bud's Buds, the marijuana shop opened by Mike Baxter's father Bud (the late Robert Foster) and now run by his son-in-law, Ryan (Jordan Masterson). Part of the show also takes place at Mike's store Outdoor Man, which could also force economic hardships due to COVID-19. "The world has changed. Everything we had planned has gone out the window," Abbott told TV Guide. The executive producer noted how they try to "keep it as real as we can" on the sitcom, so even Mike Baxter will not be impervious to the economic crises. "I guarantee you Outdoor Man will be facing the repercussions of the economy," he also explained. "How did lockdown affect outdoor equipment use? How are they going to re-open? We will ask ourselves all those questions to see how lockdown affected all of that."

As for other Fox Network shows, they have announced whether they plan on renewing or canceling their shows altogether. The only two that they're unsure about are Prodigal Son and Outmatched. The network still has brand new pilots that are in the running as well. LMS and The Resident are two out of the five live-action scripted shows the network has committed to, with the others being Call Me Kat, The procedural 9-1-1 and its spin-off 9-1-1: Lone Star.