'Last Man Standing': Mike Decides to Help Mandy With Business Venture in 150th Episode

Last Man Standing's 150th episode marked a major milestone in Mandy's career, as her father Mike Baxter came up with a unique way to help his middle daughter out.

In "Yass Queen," Mike (Tim Allen) invited Mandy (Molly McCook) to a business meeting at Outdoor Man with Celia (Young Sheldon's Melissa Peterman) who has her own sense of outrageous fashion. During the meeting, Mandy makes it very clear that she is trying to start her own design business and hoped Celia could help her.

Mandy's main concern is having enough money to create an inventory to launch her fashion line. Later in the episode, Mike told her it was important not to take easy steps and build her business one step at a time.
Rather than give Mandy the money she needs to start things right away, Mike wanted to teach his daughter some business sense first. So, he told her they have piles of mountain climbing pants that no one is buying.

Mandy could come up with designs for the pants to turn them into "athleisure wear" that people will actually buy, Mike suggested.

"If I work my magic on these, I can get all those bitches in your britches," Mandy said. "Gross. That came out wrong."

Mike said that Outdoor Man would invest some of the profits from the pants into her designs so she could get some inventory.

"And invest those earnings into the next design," Mandy said.

"Yeah, one step at a time. Brick by brick," Mike said. "That's how we do it."

"Dad, I think we just invented a great way to do business."

"Did we?"

In the last scene of the episode, Celia stormed into Mike's office after she caught wind of the plan. She insisted she get a cut of the profits, too, because Mandy came to her for money first. Mike brought in his "legal representatives" - just really Chuck (Jonathan Adams) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) - who told her she had no claim to a cut because there was no previous contract.

Elsewhere in "Yass Queen," Kristin (Amanda Fuller) found a box of tapes in the Outdoor Man Grill's storage that belonged to Ed (Hector Elizondo). It turned out that Ed taped his life so he could write a memoir. Kyle offered to transcribe the tapes, but learned they were just boring descriptions of Ed doing mundane tasks. Chuck and Kyle told Ed they should really be writing the great personal stories he has to share about his own life experiences.


Last Man Standing was renewed for an eighth season on Friday, meaning the show will be back in fall 2019. The Season 7 finale airs on May 10.

Photo credit: Michael Becker/FOX