'Kevin Can Wait': Watch All the Season 2 Bloopers So Far

Blooper reels aren't just for DVD bonus features any more. CBS posted a reel of mistakes made on the set of Kevin Can Wait during season two production, providing Kevin James fans with even more laughs.

The reel was released on Nov. 27, before the most recent episode of the series aired. In many of the scenes, James forgets a line, or makes fun of a mistake made.

There's one particularly funny scene where Taylor Spreitler tells James he needs to shave his beard.

"Really, well I was told I could be a brother of Jake Gyllenhaal," James says. But he pronounces the Oscar nominee's name as "Gill-en-hall."

During a scene with Bas Rutten, there's a pop noise. "I popped a G-String in my pants," James says.

In a scene with Leah Remini, the actress is annoyed that James is mouthing her lines. Another scene has James coming up with hilariously awful company names.

But the one scene that fans will love has Remini and James referring to themselves using their King of Queens characters' names. In that CBS series, James played Doug Hefferman and Remini was his wife, Carrie.

Although the ratings for Kevin Can Wait's second season haven't been great, CBS has ordered two more episodes. The sophomore season will now run 24 episodes instead of 22.


Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Neira/CBS