Justin Hartley Weighs in on Potential 'This Is Us' Reunion on 'Tracker'

'This Is Us' ended in 2022 on NBC after six seasons.

Justin Hartley is opening up about a potential This Is Us reunion. The actor is gearing up for his first big TV role since the NBC drama came to an end in 2022 with CBS' Tracker. The series is going to have a big launch, premiering right after the Super Bowl. Tracker follows Hartley's Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist who roams the country as a reward seeker. He uses his tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve mysteries as he's dealing with his own fractured family.

Since the series will include new stories each episode, this means that it should be introducing new characters every week. Hartley tells Entertainment Tonight that while his This Is Us family won't be appearing any time soon, he is open to the idea. "That'd be fun!" Hartley shared. "I'm always thinking about ways to get back together with those guys. [But] it'd have to be something really special."

He already has an idea or two of how that could happen, and it would include bringing the two shows together. He figured that since his character's "such a good tracker, maybe he finds Jack [Pearson]. Like [maybe] he never died, something like that?" Considering one of the biggest plot points of This Is Us surrounded the death and aftermath of Milo Ventimiglia's patriarch, that would definitely make for a very interesting storyline. Jack could even say that Colter looks almost as if the two of them could be related.

While a This Is Us-centered storyline on Tracker is definitely not happening, that's not to say that the stars can't still show up. It seems that the cast are still as close as ever and are still a family, even if they aren't spending months at a time together. It might just all depend on what the episode consists of and who would be willing and able to return. Knowing that Justin Hartley is interested in getting the gang back together, no matter how it happens, is enough to keep fans hoping.

Fans will just have to tune in to the series premiere of Tracker on Sunday, Feb. 11, immediately following Super Bowl LVIII as part of CBS' 2024 spring schedule. Hopefully, a This Is Us reunion will happen on the series, or at least elsewhere because it has already been way too long without the Pearsons. Luckily, all six seasons are streaming on Hulu.