James Corden Has Huge Move Planned for After 'The Late Late Show' Ends in 2023

James Corden is planning to return to the U.K. after he finishes The Late Late Show on CBS next year. Corden announced plans to host one last season of the talk show before wrapping up an eight-year run on the eye network. Even before Corden said he was leaving CBS, there were rumors about him itching to go back to his native country.

Corden's Fulwell 73 co-founder Ben Turner told Variety he was "really excited" to get Corden back in the U.K. The comedian "has just got so many strings to his bow, and 'Late' is a big commitment that's taken up so much of his time," Turner said at the Banff World Media Festival in Alberta, Canada. "We're just really excited about having him back in the U.K., and all the stuff that that entails, but it is a big moment for us."

When asked if Fulwell 73 would continue working with CBS, Turner said there were "ongoing" conversations about their next projects. Turner said some new plans will be announced at a later date. One of Fulwell 73's latest big projects is the Disney+ documentary series Among the Stars.

Corden's first episode of The Late Late Show aired in March 2015, several months after Craig Ferguson left CBS' 12:30 a.m. ET show. In April, Corden tearfully told his audience he planned to leave the show in Spring 2023. "We are all determined to make this the best year we have ever had making this show. We are going to go out with a bang," Corden told his fans. "There'll be tears, so many tears, 'cause this has been the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I've never taken this job for granted ever, not once."

The rumors about Corden leaving The Late Late Show to return to the U.K. began spreading last fall. However, Corden told Deadline in April he had not made up his mind yet. "It's something we think about, and we talk about a lot, but we haven't really made a decision on that yet. That's the life side of things which we'll figure out," he said. "I love living here. I love everything it's given. My family and I have never taken this incredible adventure for granted. Every day I drive down Sunset to work, and I just think I'm from High Wycombe."

CBS has a year to figure out what to do with the 12:30 a.m. timeslot, but sources told Variety earlier this month that the network has a unique idea. Executives might go with a multi-host panel, similar to Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Lately or Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect. The new show might not have a live band or other aspects audiences expect from a broadcast network's late-night show. CBS' openness to trying something new is indicative of how audiences watch late-night TV in 2022. Very few watch the shows when they air and usually sample the best skits and interviews that go viral on social media. CBS isn't expected to ramp up its search for a Corden replacement (or replacements) until after the summer.