Ellen Pompeo Shares Guest Star She'd 'Love' to See on 'Grey's Anatomy' Before Her Exit

Ellen Pompeo would "love" to see Taylor Swift stop by Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and make an appearance on Grey's Anatomy, but she's not holding her breath. There were rumors among Swift fans that the "All Too Well" singer was going to make a cameo on Grey's Anatomy this season. The Season 18 finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and serves as the show's 400th episode.

The Swift cameo rumor started when a TikTok user shared a screenshot of Swift's IMDb page, which listed her as the cast member of an upcoming Grey's Anatomy episode playing herself. Although that credit was removed, Extra asked Pompeo Wednesday if she liked the idea of Swift appearing on Grey's.

"I think she's pretty busy... but that would be fun. I would love it," Pompeo said. Pompeo appeared in Swift's "Bad Blood" video and Swift's love of Grey's is well-known. in 2019, Swift included a pin with Meredith Grey (Pompeo) and Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) on a jacket she wore in a 2019 Entertainment Weekly photo.

Pompeo isn't the only Grey's star to face questions about Swift. Sarah Drew, who returned for the Season 18 finale, would neither confirm nor deny a Swift cameo. "If Taylor Swift is in the finale she was not on set when I was. So I know nothing," Drew told Entertainment Tonight. "I also heard Miss Piggy made an appearance. Look, it would've been great to meet Taylor Swift or Miss Piggy. I would enjoy both those scenarios but alas I did not meet either one on the set of Grey's Anatomy."

Grey's Anatomy was already renewed for Season 19, so there could be more opportunities for Swift to make the trip to Grey Sloan. However, her chances to appear onscreen with Pompeo could be limited. Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. are the last remaining cast members from the first season.


Entertainment Tonight asked Pompeo if the show could continue without her. "[Series creator Shonda Rhimes] and I, I think... We'll see, we'll see," Pompeo began. "Trying to reinvent the show and continually trying to reinvent the show is the challenge at this point, and listen, the show speaks to a lot of people, and the young people love the show."

Pompeo went on to note how the series has inspired generations of healthcare workers and young people, so it would be worth it to keep the show alive even if Meredith leaves. "The audience is amazing, and the fans is what has kept this going," Pompeo said.