'Good Morning America': Amy Robach Calls out Michael Strahan on Live TV for Hilarious Reaction

Michael Strahan is going viral on TikTok, but perhaps not int he way he had hoped. The Good Morning America co-host's spot was. blown up recently on-air after he made a big reaction off-camera. However, eyes were soon all on him.

 Strahan was in the background of a segment featuring ABC News' chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton, who was describing ways that people could optimize the health and vitality of their hair. When she suggested that men should take prenatal vitamins with a wry joke, Strahan nearly lost his composure.


@Michaelstrahan’s face after Dr. jen Ashton suggests men can also take prenatal vitamins is everything 🤣 #michaelstrahan #drjen #amyrobach #goodmorningamerica

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Ashton was talking about how overall health can impact our hair, and how many people try to tackle the problem too directly with "over-styling." Instead, she said that viewers should take their hair into consideration when planning their diet, including their vitamins and supplements. She quipped: "Any kind of multivitamin will be for your hair, including prenatal – and that goes for men also. You will not grow a uterus if you take a prenatal vitamin."

Ashton went on with her talking points, but Amy Robach was clearly distracted. She finally said: "I'm sorry, I was laughing because right over your shoulder is Strahan, and when you told men that they wouldn't grow a uterus if they took a prenatal vitamin – his face! I was trying not to laugh!"

"Michael, that means you!" Ashton joked as she turned around to see Strahan's frozen expression. Strahan himself got in on the joke immediately.

"Alright, thank you! I learned a lot in that segment," he said.

Strahan has covered plenty of topics as an anchor on Good Morning America, but his reputation as an NFL player still makes for a good laugh once in a while during a segment like this. Strahan can sometimes seem out of place in the calm, gentle world of mid-morning news. He played in the NFL up until 2008 after winning the Super Bowl with the New York Giants.

Strahan first got into journalism as a sports commentator on Fox NFL. It did not take long for him to make the jump to more general news coverage, however. He was the host of Live! with Kelly and Michael for a few years after Regis Philbin retired from the series. Finally, he took his current job on Good Morning America in 2016.

Strahan is a man of many talents, with more media projects on the way in addition to his philanthropy and his work in the fashion industry. After this viral clip, Strahan can add holistic hair care to his prodigious resume.