Viewers Swear off Golden Globes Over Expected Trump Jokes

The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards airs Sunday night, but there may be a few less viewers than usual.

In line with other recent award show backlashes, conservative viewers are vowing to boycott the program.

Most online are attributing the reason for their avoidance is expected comments against President Donald Trump.

While there are sure to be some knocks at the POTUS from presenters and winners, the expected source of Trump-related humor is host Seth Meyers. Meyers has never shied away from bashing Trump on his nightly gig on Late Night with Seth Meyers, leaving no reason to expect him to change that on the Globes.

"Seth Meyers who is hosting the Golden Globes promises this to be the most political show ever," one detractor wrote. "He promises to make it a hate Fest against Republicans and Donald Trump."

Others were irritated at the expected Trump jabs, especially when Hollywood has been faced with numerous harassment and assault problems that could be addressed instead.

"I wish Twitter would stop promoting the Golden Globes," a user wrote. "All it is going to be is Trump bashing anyway. Like the guy or not, Hollywood has a ton of its own issues it clearly needs to focus on."


The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC / Lloyd Bishop