'Ghosts' Star Utkarsh Ambudkar Addresses Whether Jay Will See Spirits in Season 2 of CBS Sitcom

Following the events of the Ghosts Season 1 finale which found Samantha (Rose McIver) and Jay Arondekar (Utkarsh Ambudkar) falling through to the basement after their front entrance caved in upon welcoming B&B guests, fans are curious if the potential injury sustained by Jay means he too will have the ability to see the Woodstone Mansion ghosts like his wife. After all, the Season 2 teaser shared at San Diego Comic-Con last month hinted at some possibility, though nothing has been confirmed. While chatting with Collider at the show's first panel at the world-famous event on July 21, Ambudkar admitted he sees Jay acquiring such abilities as a "temporary thing" — if it were to ever transpire, that is.

While Season 2 is tightly under wraps and premieres Sept. 29 in a new time slot of 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS, Ambudkar didn't share specifics but did admit he could see his character to tread that path one of these days. "I think the easy fix would be for it to be a temporary thing. Perhaps Jay falls and hits his head. I don't know, maybe he falls through the floor in the last episode … I haven't read the scripts so I can't even tell you either way what happens! But I will say, it would be a joy to work with these guys as an actor. And story-wise, it may be too early to have Jay see the ghosts. We have 22 episodes, we're in Season 2, [and] we had such a great run in Season 1, so who knows where we're going, but the short answer is, yes. I'd love to do it."

(Photo: CBS Studios / Paramount)

Though Ambudkar's Jay hasn't had too many chances to interact with their home's ghosts on the show just yet, he did have a moment with Henrietta "Hetty" Woodstone played by Rebecca Wisocky in the episode, "Possession." While talking about the series last December with PopCulture.com, Ambudkar praised his co-star, sharing how the episode was a "super fun" one to film with his castmates and channeling her "dynamic, distinct" character was an exciting opportunity

"I was really excited to have the chance to just do something wacky, a little bit weird. I mean, it's got to be grounded when you're impersonating someone. It has to have some truth in it," Ambudkar told PopCulture. "But like Rebecca — Rebecca's created such a dynamic, distinct, very clear character with Hetty. She's got a very certain voice. She's got a very certain poise. Her eyes are just so. And Rebecca, craft-wise, did a lot of the work already. Most of the heavy lifting, she did. All great impersonations you have to have really strong source material. Kudos to Rebecca for creating that for me."

Sharing how he nailed the Hetty persona, Ambudkar said it's all in the "hoot" that Wisocky projects. "Hetty's got this 'hoo, hoo' and once you get that 'hoo, hoo' — once you get the music of her voice, the rest kind of comes easy. You have to pretend that you've been wearing a corset for like 250 years," he said. "That also is key in playing Hetty. But yeah, that's, that was pretty much it. Stand up straight and 'Ooh' and do the hoot, and you're good to go."

Ghosts Season 2 returns on Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. For more on Ghosts and everything Season 2, stay tuned to the very latest about the show, news about the cast, and everything in between only on PopCulture. In the meantime, relive the first season of Ghosts on Paramount+ for free from June 3 to Sept. 2, 2022.