'Ghosts' Star Danielle Pinnock Reveals Dream Guest Star to Play Alberta's Relative for Season 2

When CBS's Ghosts returns this fall for its sophomore run following a stellar first season ratings debut, audiences can expect a lot more story thanks to a 22-episode order. But that also includes a number of guest stars making their way to the Woodstone B&B, though we are unsure at this time just who will be checking in. During the San Diego Comic-Con panel on July 21, the ensemble cast with showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman teased details about the upcoming season with series star Danielle Pinnock sharing which mega popstar she would like to see appear on the show.

After Wiseman teased how Season 2 of Ghosts would offer audiences insight into learning "more about the characters" with informative stories, the co-showrunner admitted with Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) now opening the doors to the Woodstone bed and breakfast, there will be guests coming into the Hudson Valley lodging though it won't be like Newhart, nor showcase a guest a week. "But it will allow us to bring people in," Wiseman said of the development. 

Comic-Con International: San Diego
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The nugget of info from the writer and creator set off the cast to shout out their dream guest stars, including Ambudkar who joked he would love to see Jean-Claude Van Damme playing his dad. With panel host and series guest star Matt Walsh (of "The Vault") asking if any other cast members had ideas for guest stars, Pinnock shouted, Lizzo. "Lizzo, if you're listening... please, please play my great, great, great, great, great-granddaughter, Lizzo, please. I love you!" she shouted. "Buy her album. It's amazing!"

With Ghosts Season 2 exploring "lots of fun mysteries" per Wiseman, the showrunner also confirmed the murder storyline involving Pinnock's beloved prohibition-era jazz singer Alberta Haynes would see her singing in a club while finding out more about the circumstances surrounding her death as we meet "some suspects." The A-story arc is one Pinnock is most excited about, telling audiences at the panel how she "can't wait for y'all to see it!"

In an interview this past summer with PopCulture.com, Pinnock admitted she was looking forward to more answers for all the house ghosts, but wanted to see a lot more reveals for her on-screen counterpart, Alberta. "I want to know how Alberta died — was it poison or was it a heart attack?" Pinnock said. "I particularly think the ghosts tend to gaslight Alberta. They're always like, 'It's a heart attack,' and I'm like, 'It had to be more fabulous than that, y'all. Come on.' So we'll see if it's poison or not."

When it comes to Alberta's death, Pinnock says there are interesting layers to unravel with such a mystery, considering everyone leading up to her death in the 1920s was in the house. "A lot of them were there. Hetty was there; Isaac was there; Sasappis was there, obviously, Thorfinn — so I'm excited to see what their points of view were when she passed away at the Woodstone Mansion. I would love to hear what their renditions of that story are for certain," she said echoing our sentiment of a possible Rashomon effect.

Ghosts returns for Season 2 on Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. For more on Ghosts and everything Season 2, stay tuned to the very latest about the show, news about the cast, and everything in between only on PopCulture. In the meantime, relive the first season of Ghosts on Paramount+ for free from June 3 to Sept. 2, 2022.