'FBI: Most Wanted' Star Confirms Exit Following Months of Fan Speculation

Nathaniel Arcand has officially moved on from FBI: Most Wanted. After much fan speculation as to the whereabouts of his character, Agent Clinton Skye, Arcand confirmed on Instagram that he will not be returning to Season 3 after a quiet exit from the CBS series. "Moving On. Moving Forward. Don't Look Back," Arcand wrote, followed by "#movingon #movingforward #dontlookback #clintonskye Must Say Bye. Bye." CBS also confirmed Arcand's exit to Deadline.

FBI Agent Skye was an experienced member of Special Agent Jess LaCroix's team as well as a member of Mohawk Nation. Skye was known not only as a talented marksman but also as Jess's brother-in-law and Tali's uncle. Skye was introduced in the first season of the FBI series' 18th episode, which served as a backdoor pilot for the spinoff. He then starred in the first 14 episodes of the 15-episode first season of the spinoff, but only appeared in three episodes of Season 2, last appearing in the episode titled "Deconflict" on Dec. 8, 2020. CBS told Deadline that Arcand has since been on "special assignment" when asked about his character's exit.

Arcand's followers expressed their disappointment that Skye will no longer be a part of FBI: Most Wanted. "Sad that the show is going away from the Native American/Indigenous aspect," one person commented. "Showing a positive spin between the relationship of the FBI and Tribal people and customs was so beneficial. However, if you must move on...then we are behind you!" Another chimed in, "So sad that you are leaving the show as Clinton. Also miss the family aspect with your 'parents.' I loved the indigenous history woven in the storyline. Good luck in your future endeavors." A third wrote, "I'm going to miss you, Clinton was my fave character. Hope you have an amazing new project coming."


Arcand has been filming a number of other projects amid his absence from the CBS show, including an episode of The CW's Kung Fu in June and Hallmark's The Baker's Son. You can stream FBI: Most Wanted on Paramount+, which can be subscribed to with a free trial here. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.

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