'DuckTales' Reboot Reportedly Canceled After 3 Seasons

The DuckTales reboot that has been thriving on Disney XD appears to be at an end, though no official announcement has been made yet. Fans have rallying around the hashtag "Renew DuckTales 2017" on social media, but now two people close to the production say it is too late.

The DuckTales reboot — commonly referred to as "DuckTales 2017" to differentiate it from the original — has been a huge critical success with a dedicated fandom in its three seasons so far. However, Disney has been conspicuously quiet about whether it will be renewed for a Season 4, leading fans to begin tweeting about the show and calling for another installment. On Tuesday night, Collider editor Drew Taylor tweeted that he believes "the show is very much done and has been done for a little while now."

"Not sure why Disney Channel has yet to announce this, but it's the truth," Taylor added. In a follow-up article on Wednesday, Taylor went on to explain why he was so confident. He had apparently been told that the show's creative talent was told that Season 3 would be the last as early as September of 2019, and noted that since then, most have moved on to new jobs.

Hours later, voice actress Kari Wahlgren seemed to confirm the news in a tweet of her own. she wrote: "It's been so much fun to be part of a show I used to watch as a child."

While the show has not been renewed, there are still new episodes to come. Technically speaking, DuckTales 2017 is on a midseason hiatus in Season 3, which premiered in June. The second half of the season is expected to air in 2021, so fans still have new material to look forward to.

Still, many fans are waiting on official confirmation from Disney before they start grieving. Even then, many are hopeful that DuckTales could live on — perhaps on Disney+, Hulu or even a non-Disney entity, if it could be licensed.


Instead, Taylor argues for thinking of this as a "logical end," not a cancellation. He makes the case that the show achieved its full potential and changed American animation's landscape, and now it deserves to go out on a high note. "Sometimes things just conclude," he wrote.

DuckTales 2017 is currently available to stream on Disney+, Disney Now, Hulu, YouTube TV and FuboTV. So far, there is no release date for the remainder of Season 3.