Canceled FOX Show Could Be Revived, Creators Tease New Season

Fans of the FOX drama Prodigal Son were shocked when the show was canceled after just two seasons, despite a huge cliffhanger. Spoilers for the series finale of Prodigal Son, "The Last Weekend." The series ended on a cliffhanger In Tuesday's finale, as Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) stabbed his serial killer father Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen) in an act of self-defense. After realizing that his father saw killing him as his only bid for freedom, Bright made a violent choice that proved that they weren't so different after all.

Despite struggling in the ratings — averaging just above 2 million weekly viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, numbers that were down 38% and 45% from its first season — Prodigal Son has a very vocal and passionate fanbase that has been championing the show's cause since the beginning. "Prodigies" were crushed at the news, but show creators Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver confirmed to Deadline that the show might not be completely dead yet.

"WBTV is shopping it as we speak," they explained. They also opened up about what they had planned for the third season, and it would have been a "big" one. "The spine of the season was Bright becoming his own man," Sklaver explained. "The Dani-Bright relationship was key, along with a new 'venue' where Martin could shine." Additionally, Martin probably wasn't as dead as he seemed to be, despite Bright getting a particularly good stab in.


"I mean, he could be dead," Fedak said. "But we'd be really bad writers if we did anything that means Michael Sheen couldn't be a part of the show going forward." The creative duo also had plans to bring back guest star Catherine Zeta-Jones for season three as well. "We hadn't pitched Catherine our plan for S3, but yes," Sklaver teased. "We have a totally sane and not at all crazy story for her in S3." Despite this seemingly encouraging news, it's still too early for fans to get their hopes up at this point. "I don't know what our chances are," Fedak admitted. "But writing for these actors and this crew was a great privilege. I hope we get to work together again."