'Blue Bloods' Fans Love Seeing Ernie Hudson in New Episode

This week's episode of Blue Bloods featured a very special guest star, who fans could not get enough of. Ghostbusters actor Ernie Hudson stopped by to play a troubled New York high school principal.

In "School of Hard Knocks," a student is shot on the schoolyard, and Detectives Danny Reagan (Donnie Whalberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) are on the case. They discover that the student was shot by a rival gang member, but are stonewalled when they try to get an answer.

The school is so poisoned by gang violence that a teacher, Ms. Chavez (Flor De Liz Perez) is attacked after two students appeared to be ready to come forward. But the teacher refuses to identify the student, Theresa (Shenell Edmonds) who beat her up.

Meanwhile, the principal, Darryl Ward (Hudson) is trying to take control of the volatile situation at his school and blames himself for the violence.

Theresa later tells Danny and Baez that she beat up Chavez because it was an initiation. At the school, you have to join a gang or face being beaten up. Theresa says she wishes she took the beating herself instead.

After Danny helps Ward's school install a metal detector and security cameras, Ward says he is stepping down. Danny is stunned that Ward blames himself for the violence at the school. But Ward shoots back, saying he is doing what he feels is right.

During the Reagan family dinner, Jamie (Will Estes) reveals he thought about becoming a teacher instead of a cop. Danny says he could not see the appeal in becoming a teacher. Jamie says he thought if he could help at least one kid, it would be worth it.

The next day, Danny and Baez have to rush back to the school because of a hostage situation. Unbelievably, it turns out that Ward is the one with a gun, holding the kids hostage because the kids only know violence.

Danny talks an officer into letting him go into the school to meet Ward to calm him down. Ward says nothing will change if he just gives up. He is ready to die to bring attention to the violence in the school.

Danny successfully diffuses the situation, with Ward giving him his gun.

In the end of Danny's story, Chavez tells him and Baez that she is going back to the school. she plans on taking the principal's test so she can finish what Ward started.

Seeing Hudson in their favorite show made Blue Bloods fans smile. Here are some of the reactions to seeing the beloved character actor.

It is not likely that Hudson is sticking around on Blue Bloods for long. He has signed on to star in a Bad Boys TV spin-off series co-starring Gabrielle Union, who starred in Bad Boys II.

Photo credit: John Paul Filo/CBS