'All American': Taye Diggs Teases Return for Season 6

All American is so far the only show on The CW renewed for next season, and despite his dying earlier this year, fans may be able to look forward to the return of Taye Diggs' Billy Baker. Ahead of his guest appearance in Friday's S.W.A.T., Diggs spoke to TVLine and teased that although nothing is official, there have been talks of the beloved father and coach appearing in Season 6 "in the context of the boys are struggling, and they kind of envision me giving sage advice."

Ever since Billy's death, the series has greatly focused on the characters' struggles, mostly the Bakers and Spencer, who have all been having a hard time grieving. Jordan and Spencer have been working hard at rebuilding the GAU football team in honor of Billy following the scandal of its head coach and his unconventional methods of beating other teams. It would definitely be emotional for the two of them to see Billy again, especially Spencer, since he likely still regrets not picking up the phone when he called. 

If Taye Diggs were to come back again as a "ghost" or in a dream, it's likely Billy would also be visiting Olivia, who may have been suffering the most after his death due to her sobriety. It's going to be emotional to see how Billy's death continues to impact the series and if that will change at all next season. Since there's a possibility that Diggs will return, even for just an episode, it's going to be an emotional reunion no matter what happens.

Taye Diggs left All American in the middle of the fifth season, surprising fans everywhere. In Season 5, Episode 11, "Time," Billy was on the way back from a combine with the Crenshaw team when their bus was in a crash. After getting out most of the players, Billy went back for one more, but he didn't make it out in time, and the bus fell over a cliff. Since then, it's been an emotional roller coaster, and the characters are still healing and grieving in their own way. If Billy were to make another appearance, it would definitely bring some much-needed closure to not only them but the fans as well.

Due to the writers' strike, it might be a while until Season 6 of All American premieres since there's no telling how long it will last. Luckily, there are still a few weeks left until the season finale, and then Season 5 will be on Netflix just a week later. So there will be plenty to keep fans occupied until the sixth season and Taye Diggs' potential return.