'Chicago Fire' Fans Jump out of Their Seats for Explosive Cliffhanger

At the end of Thursday's episode of Chicago Fire, "Law of the Jungle," fans at home were left hanging with an actual cliffhanger at the end. Severide and Casey jumped off a building, but before we could see if they landed, the words "Executive Produced by Dick Wolf" appeared on the screen.

In the episode, the plots converged at a chlorine leak at a chemical plant.

It all started with Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Casey (Jesse Spencer) responded to a rescue call, where a police deputy was stuck in a truck that crashed into a pole and caught on fire. Severide wanted to pull the deputy out right away, but Casey thought the deputy might have a cervical fracture. Since Casey is the captain, they go with his idea — cutting the steering column to slowly pull the deputy out. Meanwhile, the prisoner in the back of the truck kept slamming on the cage, slowing down the extraction process.

This all proved fatal, as the deputy later died. This provides Grissom (Gary Cole) with reasons to maneuver Severide and sow concern over Casey's leadership.

When Severide hears that he is getting a commendation for his efforts, he assumes Grissom was behind it. So, Severide turns it down.

Later at the chemical plant, with their lives on the line, Casey admits to Severide that he was the one who put in for the commendation! There's no time to hug it out though, as they have to let go of the valve. Once they do, there will be an explosion. The only thing left to do is jump into the Chicago River!

The other plot that almost came to a head at the chemical plant was Kidd's (Miranda Rae Mayo) blossoming relationship with Zach (Daniel Di Tomasso). They eventually go on a date, where Kidd tries to explain her strange relationship with Severide.

The two are living together, but she insists it is a temporary arrangement until she can find her own apartment. Zach understands it, but Kidd realizes that there is going to be trouble ahead. She later tells Severide at the firehouse that she has to start looking for her own place again. Severide tells her there is no rush, which really surprises Kidd.

At the chemical plant, Kidd worked with Casey, while Severide worked with Zach. Unfortunately, the valve blows off Zach's mask. While Kidd and Casey try to save an injured worker, Severide frantically tries to keep Zach alive. Cruz (Joe Minoso) helps get Zach out of the plant, while Severide rushed to the roof to close the valve. Kidd gets the injured worker out of the building. She runs to see Zach taken safely into an ambulance.

As if that was not enough, there were also two comic relief threads jammed into the episode. After Casey decided to go to the deputy's memorial, Dawson (Monica Raymund) gave Brett (Kara Kilmer) her tickets to a spa. Brett is a little puzzled about who to take with her, but she asks Cruz, who she knows has a crush on her. Cruz excitedly accepts. But when the spa day happens, Randall (Christian Stolte) shows up instead!

Lastly, Chris (David Eigenberg) decides to take his daughter to work. Rather than show her what it's like to be a real firefighter, she gives her the "break room experience." Trudy (Amy Morton) shows up, and signs Chris' daughter up for a Chicago police kids program to get back at her lazy dad.

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Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC