Taco Bell May Finally Bring Back Key Menu Item

Taco Bell might be ready to right a wrong for many customers after what some called a betrayal in the fall of 2020. That's when the restaurant removed the popular Mexican Pizza from the menu as part of trimming items for a refined offering. Now there is talk of the popular item returning to the chain, though nothing is confirmed just yet. Amid forays into chicken wings and introduction of subscription tacos, Taco Bell needs to go back to familiar territory.

The restaurant attempted to soften the blow for customers by noting how the Mexican Pizza's packaging was throwing off efforts to make the company greener for the environment. "One silver lining of saying goodbye to the Mexican Pizza that might help you rest easy is that removing it from our menus helps us work towards our commitment to leave a lighter footprint on our planet," a statement from the company read at the time. "Currently, Mexican Pizza packaging accounts for over 7 million pounds of paperboard material per year in the U.S."

(Photo: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images)

The explanation didn't soften the situation for many who lamented the item's removal. Their suffering continued for over a year to this point but may soon end. According to The Takeout, though, there is hope if a purported video from a franchise convention last month. Living Mas, the popular Taco Bell fansite, claims to have received a video from the event that allegedly confirms the return of the popular item.

"If we're going to bring it back, if that's a big if, could we eventually maybe do more than just the original Mexican Pizza?" Taco Bell VP and COO Mike Grams said in the transcript of the video. After some talk with Chief Food Innovation Officer Liz Matthews, Grams gets excited at some of the ideas for the snack's return. This includes a potential double cheesy Mexican Pizza, another with chorizo, one with bacon ranch, a possible dessert option and finally, a 7-layer option.

While the entire back and forth seems like some fun, Grams closes out the segment by saying, "Okay Liz, we're bringing back the Mexican Pizza." This is far from confirmation, but Living Mas also shared information from its subreddit and an anonymous "Verified Employee of Taco Bell" that confirms the pizza rumor and tosses in a few more.


This includes the new value menu featuring a double beef burrito, "Fiesta Veggie" burrito and a chicken ranch option. There is also the return of Crispy Chicken in February as strips, another return for their wings in a two-week offering, and the firm return of the pizza by April or May due to supply chain woes.

The Takeout adds that Living Mas stands by the reporting and the "Verified Employee" in question has always been accurate with their leaks in the past. Does this mean people will be happy again with delicious Mexican Pizza in their gullets? Quite possible. But just don't expect it under the Festivus pole this year.