Taco Bell Adds New Menu Item, But It Won't Be Easy to Get

The Mexican Pizza isn't the only exciting thing going on at Taco Bell. The fan-favorite Mexican-style fast-food chain is bolstering its menu with an all-new combo meal that is sure to not only pack plenty of flavor, but also offer some savings. Taco Bell is currently offering a new Crunchy Taco Supreme and Fries Combo, but placing an order for the meal will be far from easy for most Taco Bell lovers in the world.

The Taco Bell Crunchy Taco Supreme and Fries Combo is exactly what it sounds like – a combo meal offering both Crunchy Taco Supremes and the chain's famed Nacho Fries. Included in the meal are two Crunchy Taco Supremes, a dish that takes a Crunchy Taco with a hard outer shell and tops it with reduced-fat sour cream and diced tomatoes. The chain dubs it "a Taco so hard that it will make even the softest eaters have a sudden appreciation for Scandinavian black metal, or feel like their tear ducts are permanently calcifying." The meal also includes an order of Nacho Fries, the fan-favorite menu item that recently returned to menus in March. Nacho Fries are perfectly golden fries that are coated in bold Mexican seasoning and served with a side of warm nacho cheese sauce for dipping.

(Photo: Taco Bell)

Unfortunately, placing an order for the new Crunchy Taco Supreme and Fries Combo will require you to either be a Michigan resident or someone simply passing through the state. Taco Bell is currently only offering the combo meal as a test run item at select locations in the Detroit, Michigan area. According to Chew Boom, Marysville, Michigan is included in the test. Given that the combo meal is only being offered as a test run, it remains unclear if the meal will ever roll out nationwide. That decision will largely be based on how well the combo meal performs in the test market.

The Crunchy Taco Supreme and Fries Combo is not the only new meal Taco Bell is offering. In late April, the chain began testing the new $10 Cravings Meal for 2 at select locations in Kansas City, Missouri. The meal includes two Chalupas, two Beefy 5-Layer Burritos, two Chips & Cheese, and two large fountain drinks.


While only a limited number of people will be able to place an order for the Crunchy Taco Supreme and Fries Combo and the $10 Cravings Meal for 2, every Taco Bell lover will soon be able to get their hands on another beloved menu item: the Mexican Pizza. The fast-food restaurant chain confirmed in April that the dish, a topic of conversation and petitions ever since it was pulled from the menu, is set to return to Taco Bell locations nationwide beginning Thursday, May 19.