Snack and Flour Products Recalled in 7 States

An Ohio company recalled several snack and flour products this week due to an undeclared allergen. The products were found to include wheat ingredients, which can be dangerous to those with a wheat allergy. The products were sold in seven states.

Stutzman Farms of Millersburg, Ohio voluntarily recalled the products on Tuesday. The products affected are Organic Einkorn Berries (sold bulk, or in 25 and 50 lb packages); Organic Whole Einkorn Flour (sold bulk, or in 25 lb packages); Organic All-Purpose Einkorn Flour (sold bulk); Organic All-Purpose Flour (sold bulk); Sourdough Einkorn Pretzels (sold in 4 and 8 oz packages); Sprouted Einkorn Grate Nuts (sold in .75 and 3 lb packages); and Sprouted Einkorn Crackers (sold in .30 and 1 lb packages). Images of the product labels can be found by clicking here.

The producers were sold at Stutzman Farms' retail store in Millersburg. They were also distributed to stores in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. All lots of Stutzman Farms products made with einkorn are included in the recall.

There were no illnesses related to the recall reported yet. Stutzman Farms learned of the misbranding issue after the Ohio Department of Agriculture discovered the problem. Consumers with a wheat allergy should not consume the products. They can return it to Stutzman Farms for a refund. Stutzman Farms can be reached at 330-674-1289 extension 2 for those with questions.

It's important for companies to include allergy warnings on products because those with a sensitivity or allergy to the ingredient could have dangerous symptoms when they come into contact. Some of the symptoms of a wheat allergy reaction include nasal congestion, headache, trouble breathing, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, hives, or swelling of the mouth or throat, according to the Mayo Clinic. For some, a wheat allergy reaction could involve anaphylaxis, which is life-threatening. Signs of anaphylaxis include chest pain or tightness, swelling of the throat, severe difficulty breaking, difficulty swallowing, pale skin, and fainting. If anyone shows signs of anaphylaxis, call 911 immediately. 


Companies often recall products because labels mistakenly did not include allergens listed. In January, Kettle River Products of Minnesota recalled over 1,400 pounds of frozen pizza because the company didn't include wheat on the labels. Abbyland Foods, Inc. of Wisconsin recalled nearly 15,000 pounds of beef sticks because the labels did not include milk ingredients listed.