McDonald's Recently Removed a Controversial Item

McDonald's fans in the U.K. recently lost a beloved and controversial item. In April, McDonald's U.K. pulled Chilli Cheese Bites from the menu, alongside a few other popular offerings. The Chilli Cheese Bites, an item unfamiliar to American fast-food fans, was criticized by Burger King U.K. fans because it was just like a product they began offering over 15 years ago. Burger King U.K. even made fun of the similarities in a viral Facebook post in March.

Back on April 26, McDonald's U.K. announced to fans on Twitter it was the last day to order Chilli Cheese Bites. The Homestyle Crispy Chicken Burger, the Creme Egg and Cadbury Caramel McFlurries, the Big Tasty with Bacon, and the BBQ Big Tasty were also removed from the menu. The Big Tasty narrowly beat Chilli Cheese Bites as the must-have menu item to get on April 26, 30.9% to 28.5%.

The Chilli Cheese Bites snacks were served with a side of tomato dip. They were replaced by Cheesy Garlic Bites, reports Lad Bible. The McSpicy chicken sandwich and the Grand Big Mac replaced the Big Tasty at McDonald's U.K. restaurants through at least June 7. The Flake Raspberry and Flake Chocolate McFlurries replaced the Creme Egg and Caramel McFlurries on the dessert menu.

Although McDonald's U.K. fans loved the Chilli Cheese Bites, Burger King U.K. customers cried foul. After all, the McDonald's rival introduced Chilli Cheese Bites in its U.K. restaurants over 15 years ago. On March 17, Burger King U.K.'s social media team shared a meme, comparing the two cheese bites snacks. "Not like it's been on our menu for 15 years," the company added.

Burger King U.K. fans shared how much they love the BK Chilli Cheese Bites more than the McDonald's version. "I love Burger King's chilli cheese nuggs! They are way better than [MacDonald's], and you get more from the king," one person wrote. "Chilli cheese bites at burger king are amazing! McDonald's literally sucks it's so DRYYYY," another commented. "Went to McDonald's yesterday for a coffee (their coffee is good) noticed they had the chili cheese bites, got them, ate them, BK is better," another fan wrote.

McDonald's U.K. made headlines last week for lowering the price of its vegan burger from £3.49 to 99p during National Vegetarian Week, reports Plant Based News. The deal was only valid from May 18 to May 20 through the McDonald's app. McDonald's U.K. tested the vegan burger in October 2021 before making it widely available in the U.K. and Ireland. The burgers are made using Beyond beef patties.