McDonald's Tests New Menu Item for a Limited Time

McDonald's is adding a twist to the classic Quarter Pounder burger. The beloved fast-food chain has officially added the Maple BBQ & Bacon Quarter Pounder to the menu. The burger follows the March 2021 introduction of the Western BBQ Quarter Pounder, which launched in Canada as a limited-time menu item and was described by the chain as "hot, juicy, Tasty and smoky!"

According to McDonald's Canada's official item description, the Maple BBQ & Bacon Quarter Pounder features a 100% Canadian quarter-pound beef patty topped with a creamy maple bbq sauce, hickory-smoked bacon strips, crispy onions, two slices of processed cheddar cheese, and pickles. Those mouthwatering items are cushioned between a toasted sesame seed topped bun. The dish rings in at 670 calories. Foodgressing reports it was launched at the start of August alongside the Double Maple BBQ & Bacon Quarter Pounder, which boasts an extra beef patty and 900 calories.

So far, the burger seems to mostly be a hit. A food critic at Foodgressing wrote that "the sauce was good" and "tasted smoky, tangy and on the sweeter side." The critic also gave a thumbs up to the onions on the burger, which they said were "crispy." Somebody on Reddit said the "burger is straight bussin, the maple is the best part." However, the burger hasn't won everyone over, and some have said that the "Maple sauce doesn't work." Some have even flat out dubbed the burger "gross" and "terrible."

Unfortunately for fans in the United States, ordering a Maple BBQ & Bacon Quarter Pounder and weighing in on the debate will involve a passport and a trip across the border. Currently, the Maple BBQ & Bacon Quarter Pounder is only available at McDonald's Canada locations. The chain has not revealed if there are plans to bring the dish south of the border or if it will simply remain a Canadian-exclusive.


This is not the first time McDonald's has added bacon to the beloved burger. Back in January 2019, the beloved fast-food chain unveiled the Quarter Pounder Bacon Burger. That dish featured a Quarter Pounder topped with three slices of thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon. It debuted alongside the Big Mac Bacon Burger and Cheesy Bacon Fries. While those in the U.S. may not be able to try the Maple BBQ & Bacon Quarter Pounder near them, they can cool off with a refreshing sip of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. McDonald's brought the drink back to menus in February after years of pleading from fans.