McDonald's Puts a Twist on the Classic Quarter Pounder With New Limited-Time Offering

McDonald's has a new twist on the classic Quarter Pounder burger -- but only in some markets, and [...]

McDonald's has a new twist on the classic Quarter Pounder burger -- but only in some markets, and only for a limited time. According to a report by Narcity, the Western BBQ Quarter Pounder launched in Canada last week, and bacon-lovers are rejoicing. The burger comes with extra hickory smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, crispy onions, pickles and cheddar cheese.

"It's hot, juicy, Tasty and smoky!" McDonald's Canada tweeted last Tuesday. "Get it now before it rides off into the sunset." The account also updated its Twitter bio to say: "Rumour has it the sunsets wherever the Western QPC is. We believe that rumor."

The Western QPC joins two other Quarter Pounder variants on the Canadian McDonald's menu, but fans are still excited for the new items. In the replies to the chain's tweet, one fan wrote: "Absolutely phenomenal. Just inhaled one. Smokey BBQ sauce and crispy onions." Another added: "SO DAMN GOOD. LEGIT JUST FINISHED ONE. MOUTHWATERING." A third tweeted: "Good but so unhealthy" with a crying emoji.

So far, reviews of the new burger have been mixed. Many commenters balked at the $7.39 price tag, wondering when fast food got so expensive. Others complained that their version came with too much BBQ sauce and not enough bacon. Food critics at Foodgressing published a thorough review of the new menu item, going over everything from nutrition information to flavor.

"The Smoky BBQ Sauce tasted like your typical BBQ Sauce. It was smoky and sweet," they wrote. "The patty is your standard Quarter Pounder Beef Patty. I liked the crispy onions for textual contrast... If you do like BBQ flavours, you might want to give it a try."

Sadly, barbecue lovers in the U.S. will not be able to try this particular burger for themselves. McDonald's has not announced any plans to offer the Western QPC in the U.S. It joins a growing list of fast food stunt items that are only available in select markets, leaving social media distraught.

For example, McDonald's China is currently offering a new "messy meatball burger" for a limited time only. The sandwich is a burger-shaped meatball sandwich with tomato sauce, lettuce, mayonnaise and cheese slice. Meanwhile, Burger King made waves last month with a Valentine's Day promotion — a pair of "black and pink" burgers, with food-colored buns and matching meat, either salmon or Angus beef.

Both of these were social media sensations, but customers were disappointed to realize they were not available in their areas. Right now, only Canadian customers can try the Western BBQ QPC.