McDonald's Brings Back Iconic Hi-C Orange Lavaburst Drink to Its Menu

Spicy Chicken McNuggets isn't the only fan-favorite item returning to the McDonald's menu this year. Three years after the fast-food chain upset fans with the removal of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst from the menu, the iconic drink is coming back. On Wednesday, McDonald's announced the orange-colored beverage will begin reappearing in select U.S. restaurants this month and will be available nationwide by June.

To aid in search of the long sought after drink, McDonald's has created a Hi-C Orange tracker at The tracker allows fast food lovers to find the closest McDonald's already offering the delicious orange drink. To find your nearest location, simply enter your zip code. The tracker is updated every week starting Monday.

(Photo: McDonald's)

Hi-C Orange first debuted on McDonald's menus back in 1955 and remained a staple until 2017, when the fast-food chain upset fans with its abrupt removal and replacement with Sprite Tropic Berry. In the years since, talk of bringing the drink back has been the hot topic among McDonald's lovers, who have flooded tweets from the official McDonald's Twitter account with urgings for the drink return. The demand for Hi-C Orange's recovery was so great that petitions were even started demanding McDonald's bring it back. In its news release Wednesday, McDonald's gave the nod to one of those petitions created after the initial announcement that the drink would no longer be available at McDonald's locations. The petition's creator said, "for many people, this is the drink they've been drinking from McDonald's for years. It needs to stay at Mcdonald's for customers to enjoy!" The petition racked up hundreds of signatures.

Although Hi-C Orange's return seemed like a slim to none chance, McDonald's said fans have their social media manager to thank. Wednesday morning, the chain's Twitter account teased the social media manager was "about to present this to my boss" and shared a link to a slideshow presentation on why "we need to bring Hi-C back."


Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, a non-carbonated drink, is not the only beverage returning to McDonald's menus nationwide. The fast-food chain also revealed carbonated Fanta Orange would also be returning. McDonald's said the return of both drinks would make their "legendary orange drink roster once again complete."