McDonald's Surprises Customers With Return of Limited-Time Szechuan Sauce Release

McDonald's is officially bringing back its fabled Szechuan Sauce. The Golden Arches announced Monday that the iconic dipping sauce is set to return to menus across the nation later this month. Popularized by Rick and Morty, Szechuan Sauce delivers a "savory and slightly sweet taste profile," and boasts hints of soy, garlic, ginger and mild vinegar notes.

The sauce will join McDonald's existing lineup of condiments that includes Sweet 'N' Sour, Creamy Ranch, Honey, Spicy Buffalo, Tangy BBQ, and Honey Mustard. However, getting an order of the condiment won't be as easy, because Szechuan Sauce will only be available through the McDonald's app. Guests can score the sauce for free with any Chicken McNuggets order when selecting a dipping sauce. Fans will also be able to purchase up to five a la carte packets on the app. The sauce, returning in limited-edition, golden foil packets in five different designs, will be available for a limited time only while supplies last beginning Thursday, March 31.

(Photo: McDonald's)

The condiment's return will mark only the fourth time Szechuan Sauce has made an appearance on the McDonald's menu since its debut. The sauce first appeared back in 1998 as promotion for the Disney film Mulan, and quickly became a fan-favorite. At the time, it came with a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal and a set of Mulan toys. While the sauce gained plenty of fans, it reached cult classic status in 2017 after it was featured on the hit show Rick and Morty.

The first episode of the third season of the Adult Swim series featured Rick going to McDonald's to taste the sauce in a dream sequence. The episode sparked a fascination in the sauce, and a petition was even launched demanding McDonald's bring back Szechuan Sauce. McDonald's heard the demand, and the sauce officially returned in October 2017, though it was only back for a single day, and fans trying to get the sauce faced long lines. Many walked away empty-handed.


In the years since that Rick and Morty episode, Szechuan Sauce has remained elusive. The sauce returned in February 2018 for a longer time, though it again disappeared from menus. Fans can next get their hands on the sauce when it returns for a limited time via the McDonald's App on March 31.