McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Seemingly Returning Again

The now-infamous Szechuan sauce from McDonald's is apparently making a return. On Sunday, the restaurant's official Facebook page shared an image teasing that the sauce will once again be an option for customers. The image also gives out some strong Rick and Morty vibes, the animated series that drove the sauce to maddening popularity back in 2017.

"Available after 10:30 a.m. for a limited time. While stocks last. Serving suggestion," the restaurant added in a follow-up comment.

The Szechuan sauce was originally launched back in 1998 as a tie-in to Disney's animated feature Mulan. While the House of Mouse is currently hyping its live-action remake of the film, the potential second coming of Szechuan sauce is owed to Rick and Morty. The show's Season 3 premiere in July of 2017 revolved heavily around acquiring the long-since discontinued sauce.

This spilled over into the show's rabid fanbase, who struck up a petition demanding McDonald's bring back the sauce. Which they eventually did in September that year, though limiting availability to 20 packets at a few pre-selected locations ended up leading to a mixture of irate and innovative customer reactions, including a man who sold pre-dipped Chicken McNuggets for $10 a pop outside one store.

As a result, McDonald's re-evaluated the extremely limited supply, and not long after announced the sauce would come back in a much more substantial way.

"We are always listening to our customers and evaluating our national menu. We appreciate the passion our customers have. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted," a McDonald's spokesperson told at the time.

As far as Rick and Morty, the show, fans are still wondering when the show's fourth season will kick off, which there was no mention of in the utterly bizarre promo the show teased on Twitter earlier today. However, Yvette Nicole Brown will be joining the cast. Brown had previously worked with Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon for several seasons on the NBC cult sitcom Community.


"I hit up Dan Harmon more often to get a role on Rick and Morty," Brown told "That's where the money is, Rick and Morty is going to last forever. I don't even care who I play, I could be the black woman in the corner saying, 'Hi, hi.' I don't care what it is, I just want to do a voice on there."