McDonald's Customer Pulls Nasty Mystery Surprise from McFlurry

This probably has a reasonable explanation but we're too busy running away to hear it.

The chances of some sort of foreign object making its way into your McDonald's order are typically small, but it does happen. This nightmarish discovery inside of this woman's McFlurry might just take the cake, though.

Not only is there a foreign object in the mixture, but it seems neverending. Our tragic heroine pulls and pulls what looks like a sleeve or balled-up sheet from the cup, still covered in ice cream and Oreo cookie crumbs.


IT WAS SO ON PURPOSE LIKE FOLDED SO SMALL AT THE bottom its a literal trash bag or something @McDonald’s Help omg

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"We had no idea what she just found at the bottom of her mc flurry im losing my mind," the text on the video reads, which raises concerns about the effect of a missing mind. TMZ notes that some of the comments tried to clear up what was the surprise addition to the cup.

McDonald's still hasn't publicly responded despite being tagged in the original post. But fans of the restaurant and those in the know chimed in to say that it could be the ice cream liquid bag from the machine. Others added that it may be the plastic sleeve that the cups come in, which raises a few questions about it being added intentionally.

The girls who shared the video seem to indicate that it was folded down and left in the cup "on purpose," but there's no evidence that this is fact at publication. As TMZ notes, it wouldn't hurt to at least get a free replacement McFlurry for the trouble. Those sweet Cadbury ones will be arriving soon if they haven't already.