Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Pose With Their Ballots Ahead of Election: 'Guess Who We’re Voting For?'

The presidential election is less than one week away and with the days winding down, many across [...]

The presidential election is less than one week away and with the days winding down, many across the country are casting their vote in record numbers. Among the people out there submitting their ballots are Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, who recently sparked some controversy of his own. The daughter of the president shared a photo of the two joined alongside by her father holding two voting envelopes, "I'll give you one guess who we're voting for??"

This picture comes a few days after the POTUS shared with a crowd at his Florida rally that he had just placed his vote, telling the audience he voted "for a guy named Trump." He told the attendees that he was honored to submit his ballot in his home state as he attempts to seal some important electoral college votes in the Sunshine State.

With the days between the election quickly closing in, both Trump and Joe Biden remain as active as ever on the campaign trail. On Tuesday, Trump was in Lansing, Michigan and told everyone there that this is the "most important election in the history of the country." Trump backed that up by saying it has to do with the economy and its ability to recover from the coronavirus impact, telling his supporters that Biden will be unable to get the country back to where it needs to be. He continued to tell his hopeful voters that Biden will raise their taxes and suggested that Biden's vice president pick, Sen. Kamala Harris, will be the one pulling the strings and not the former Vice President. Trump's efforts in Michigan come after the state saw itself flip from blue to red during the 2016 election, which Trump is banking on once again.

With Trump in Michigan, Biden found himself down in Georgia. As he has for much of his campaigns, Biden held a drive-in rally in Atlanta. He told the crowd that he might be a Democrat, but if he wins the election, he will be a president for the entire country, not just for one party. Biden attempted to get his last pitch into the state in an attempt to flip it from red to blue.

Election Day is Nov. 3 and will be covered across all major networks throughout the day and into Tuesday's late hours.