Joe Biden Tweet on Donald Trump's Coronavirus Pandemic Response Resurfaces Ahead of Election Day

A year-old tweet by Joe Biden regarding President Donald Trump's handling of the pandemic relief [...]

A year-old tweet by Joe Biden regarding President Donald Trump's handling of the pandemic relief team and his staff's preparedness for a potential pandemic has resurfaced as the country sees record-high numbers in daily cases over the weekend. This time in 2019 — about five months before COVID-19 was deemed a pandemic — Biden wrote on Twitter that "we are not prepared for a pandemic."

Fast forward one whole year and it appears Biden possessed some serious foresight as the country's handling of the coronavirus has come into question. Biden called out Trump for undoing progress Barack Obama and himself made in preparing for a potential pandemic. He said their goal was "to strengthen global health security." His tweet went on to say that Trump abandoned this philosophy and thus the ability to "to stop outbreaks before they reach our shores."

As this post of his went viral on social media, the presidential candidate shared it himself, as well, and added his current thoughts to the issue he raised. "The hard truth is it didn't have to be this bad." As of Sunday, the country has tallied more than 8.69 million cases and a climbing death toll that not sits over 225,000. Biden said Trump was "shortsighted" in his handling.

Biden continues to share this mindset has hammered Trump both on Twitter and during their two debates about his handling of the country during the coronavirus outbreak. In the second debate, Biden brought up Trump's claims that the country would be past the pandemic by Easter and continued to push the timetable back. One of his tweets on Sunday called the president out for quitting on Americans following White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows explaining that they "are not going to control the pandemic."

The Philadelphia Inquirer noted that during a meeting with doctors in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Anthony Fauci shared his thoughts on what could lie ahead for the country, admitting that masks will likely be the new normal for longer than expected, even going into 2022. He also said a vaccine could be developed before the end of the year but that it won't be a quick rollout whenever one is ready.