George Floyd's Brother Emotionally Breaks Down During CNN Interview: 'I Need Justice'

The brother of George Floyd appeared on CNN Sunday to speak with Don Lemon and make an emotional plea to law enforcement in Minneapolis to arrest the additional officers involved in his brother's death. Philonise Floyd wore a red t-shirt with the words "We Can't Breathe" written across the front, relaying his thoughts on the growing protests around the country just one week after his brother's death.

"People just want justice," Floyd told CNN. "They're going to continue to march and protest, and if I ask everybody to do it peaceful — but they want justice, and that's the reason they're acting out like that. … Black folks have been getting killed for a long time now, years. … People are just tired right now. African Americans, they want to stand up for what's right."

The segment was part of a broader look at the protests in Minneapolis, with Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo speaking with CNN reporter Sara Snider from the intersection with Floyd was killed on Monday. Philonise Floyd listened in, leading to the chief to remove his hat in respect to the grieving family after explaining the actions he took against the four officers involved.

"I am absolutely devastatingly sorry for their loss, and if I could do anything to bring Mr. Floyd back, I would move heaven and earth to do that," Arradondo told CNN. "This was a violation of the oath that the majority of the men and women that put this uniform on — this goes absolutely against it. This is contrary to what we believe in. What occurred to me, it was an absolute truth that it was wrong, period."

Floyd could be seen later battling back tears while being comforted by his lawyer Ben Crump. Snider joined in with her own tears due to the moment they both had just experienced representing the first contact the Floyd family had with the police since the killing.

"Being silent or not intervening, to me, you're complicit. So I don't see a level of distinction that's any different. Obviously the charging and those decision have to come through our county attorney's office, certainly the FBI is investigating that, but I want you to know my decision to fire all four officers was not based on some sort of hierarchy," Arradondo continued. "Mr. Floyd died in our hands, and so I see that as being complicit. … I don't see a difference in terms of the ultimate outcome, [which] is he is not here with us. … Silence and inaction — you're complicit. If there were one solitary voice that would have intervened and acted, that's what I would have hoped for. That did not occur."

For Floyd, he just wanted to see justice served over his brother's killing. As he said before Arradondo's comments, he just wanted to make sure there is justice for his brother. While it is unknown what will come this week, Floyd was clear on why he felt this way.


"They arrest guys every day. They had enough evidence to fire them, so they have enough evidence to arrest them. I don't know who he's talking to, but I need him to do it, because we all are listening. Black lives matter," Floyd said.

Floyd had reportedly spoken with Donald Trump earlier in the week, but the responses he received there stood in contrast to those of Chief Arradondo. According to Buzzfeed, Trump didn't give Floyd the opportunity to even speak.