Dolly Parton and Doja Cat Team Up With Taco Bell for 'Mexican Pizza: The Musical'

Taco Bell's famed Mexican Pizza is getting the star-studded treatment. Ahead of the dish's anticipated May 19 return date, the Mexican-style fast-food chain has recruited none other than country music icon Dolly Parton, a known lover of the Mexican Pizza, and Doja Cat for "the hottest off-off Broadway production," Mexican Pizza: The Musical.

Set to premiere exclusively on TikTok on Thursday, May 26 at 8 p.m. ET, exactly a week after the Mexican Pizza returns to menus nationwide, Mexican Pizza: The Musical is described by the chain as "a satirical musical about the 'harrowing' story of those who fought to bring back the Mexican Pizza." After the dish disappeared from menus in 2020, fans began calling for Taco Bell to reverse that decision, with a petition even garnering more than 200,000 signatures. Written by Hannah Friedman with music by Grammy award-winning songwriting duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, the musical features "original music to spotlight the brand's biggest fans" as well as Parton, Doja Cat, and TikTok star Victor Kunda.

(Photo: Taco Bell)

Parton, who in January revealed that she was a fan of the Mexican Pizza and joined calls for the chain to bring the beloved menu item back, confirmed her involvement in Mexican Pizza: The Musical on Instagram. The '9 to 5' singer shared a photo of the musical's script, which was dubbed "personal and confidential" and also teased that it is "based on the true story of the internet losing its mind. Parton also announced the news on her Instagram Story, where she wrote, "Here it is y'all! We're really making a musical about my favorite pizza, the Mexican Pizza. I can't wait for you to see it!"

Taco Bell announced last month that after more than a year away from the menu, the Mexican Pizza would return to restaurants nationwide in May. The fan-favorite pizza consists of seasoned ground beef and refried beans sandwiched between two crisp "pizza shell" tostadas, then smothered in diced tomatoes, a three-cheese blend and a spicy pizza sauce, though it can be made vegetarian without the seasoned beef. It originally debuted on the menu back in 1985 and quickly gained a cult following.


The Mexican Pizza officially returns to Taco Bell locations nationwide beginning Thursday, May 19. Taco Bell loyalty members will get first dibs with early access to the menu item beginning Tuesday, May 17. Fans can celebrate the dish's return when Mexican Pizza: The Musical premieres on TikTok on May 26 at 8 p.m. ET.